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A letter from the parents of the bride:

April 5, 2014

Dear Crown Colony Board of Governors,

Too many times people will focus on “what went wrong” versus “what went right.” When exceptional assistance and service is provided, it should be recognized and communicated.  Therefore, we want to express our thanks and appreciation to the entire Crown Colony staff for the amazing help and cooperation they provided to make the wedding so special for our daughter Courtney to Seth Fields on November 16, 2013.

The venue for the wedding was absolutely beautiful; near the practice green, between the two lakes, overlooking the gorgeous golf course and club house patio area.  A horse-drawn carriage brought the bride and two flower girls down the 18th fairway cart path, over the bridge, to the wedding location.  Rudy and Marlin lined a walking path from the carriage to the aisle with potted yellow flowers (one of their wedding colors).  Jeff had purposely held back planting these flowers around the club house and course so they could be used for our event.  It was unique and spectacular.

The pro-shop and course maintenance staffs changed their operations to help make sure that the wedding ran smoothly.  Tim and his staff assisted by starting golfers off of the back-nine so they wouldn’t be finishing on the 18th hole and interfering with the ceremony.  Jeff had his maintenance crew alter their course preparation work to accommodate the switching of playing the back-nine first. This required added work, coordination, and monitoring on their part.

Chef Dave was great to work with and had a lot of excellent ideas on food selections, preparation, and how and when to serve the approximately 120 wedding attendees.   His suggestions were proven to be correct based on all of the positive comments we received telling us how delicious the food was.  Additionally, there were many glowing comments about the friendliness and efficiency of the servers.  Crown Colony should be very proud to have such a great kitchen staff to serve us.

We want to express a HUGE thank you to Rudy and Brenda.  They spent countless hours helping in the planning and coordination of this wedding. On the wedding day, they were both at the club from early morning to midnight attending to last minute details, making sure everything ran smoothly, and helping clean up afterward.  Rudy and Brenda are special people; always available and willing to assist the club members and others.  Rudy and Brenda’s extensive cooperation, coordination, and assistance were critical in helping to make Courtney and Seth’s wedding day so amazing.

Lastly, thank you to the Board of Governors for ensuring that Crown Colony maintains such a great group of employees.  We remain life-long supporters and huge fans of Crown Colony Golf & Country Club!

With Gratitude,

Ann and Allen Steinbeck


A letter from the mother of the groom:

Dear Jack,

Ten years ago when we first purchased here in Crown Colony you and I talked about the vision of what we hoped Crown Colony would become. As the director of the board of Governors Of CCG&CC you have been instrumental in getting the club were it is today; with that said I need to tell you that you did one hell of a job with the hiring of Rudy, Christine and David. Michael aka “stick boy” was married at the club on March 26th, words can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful it was. From the first meeting throughout the whole event Rudy and his staff made it effortless. The food was outstanding; the service impeccable. EVERYONE went out of their way to be helpful, courteous and to be sure all of the quest had a great time. Michael and Kim now have fantastic memories of their special day.

 I know you always get letters and calls about things that go wrong, I wanted to be sure that you knew and could tell all the directors of CCG&CC that on Saturday March 26th 2011, Rudy, Christine and David along with their staff did everything RIGHT!!!!
 Warmest regards from one VERY HAPPY Mother of the Groom,
Peg Timpone